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SealMaster Albany - Pavement Products and Equipment

SealMaster Albany traffic paint blacktop sealer driveway sealant asphalt emulsion sealcoating
SealMaster Albany traffic paint blacktop sealer driveway sealant asphalt emulsion sealcoating


SealMaster® Albany knows that one of the keys to a successful maintenance business is adaptability. Sometimes customers may need an extra service that could easily be performed by your skilled team with the right equipment. We offer several machines to rent for when purchasing might not be the best option.



Titan Powrliner 2850

From the Titan Tool website:

The PowrLiner™2850 is designed to withstand the rigors of steady, everyday use on pavement, fields and turf. It's the perfect intermediate line striper that can handle all one-gun projects too big for the smaller line stripers.


MA-10 Melter/Applicator

Ideal for melting CrackMaster® Supreme and other direct-fire crack fillers.



From the Sandliner® website:

​A handheld upright sand spreader that's easy on your back and shoulders!

Dimensions: 28" tall x 9" wide x 9" deep

Capacity: up to 16lbs of sand

Tired of spreading sand onto crack filler by hand? Or with a homemade device that works awkwardly at best? See why the asphalt industry is buzzing about the SandLiner sand spreader!

Stop wasting sand, stop worrying about your bottom line, stop hurting your back: this product lets you do the job without the pain, worry, or frustration.

This sand spreader is hand held by design for ultimate mobility and ease of use. The absence of cumbersome wheels means that you won't track through molten crack filler or struggle with a needlessly awkward or heavy device. No messy cleanup!

The SandLiner's upright operating position is less stressful to your lower back and shoulders than conventional sanding methods. Weighing only 22lbs fully loaded, the SandLiner will change how you feel about sanding!

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